Medical tourism

Japan’s Famous Medical Technology and “Hospitality”

Japan is the world’s leading country in terms of longevity, and this is being supported by high medical standards and testing technology.
In recent years, the number of people from overseas who are requesting medical treatment in Japan is increasing, and there are a growing number of medical institutions that can accommodate this.
We are introducing medical institutions to people from overseas requesting medical care and tests in Japan and providing support for their lifestyles while they are staying in Japan.
We will arrange interpreters and attendees during their visits to Japan.



Cancer examination・Brain,heart check

Anti ageing program




Kyowa Medical Clinic

In consideration of the mental and physical burden of health checks, we thoroughly confirm whether there are signs of irregularities in the body with our basic health check menu. If some kind of sign is seen, or there is a request, we can confirm wide range of possibilities with our rich option menu. Based on the results of the health check, clinic provides considerate support, including, as necessary, consultations regarding the appropriate treatment.

Kenkouin Clinic

The medical and healthcare clinic in Ginza, Tokyo, is a specialist clinic for “not catching diseases”. It has a lineup of high-performance testing equipment, and we conduct a wide range of tests in a careful manner, practicing “preventive medicine”, that is to say pre-emptively preventing diseases. We provide highly accurate medical checks to many people visiting from both inside and outside Japan.