High medical standards × Eternal history "Japan"

This is a plan to provide you with a healthy body, through the cutting-edge medical technology and beauty technology of Japan, and to relax your body and refresh your mind within a natural environment. We will meet you at an airport in the Tokyo suburbs, after which you will stay at a Tokyo hotel, and engage in various progressive medicine treatments from the following day. After that, you can enjoy various activities. Please look at the travel plan for reference. We can propose various arrangements based on customer requests. ※All itinerary shall be supported by a medical interpreter/travel interpreter.

One person: JPY 430,000~ / Two person: JPY 750,000~
Include: hotel, transport, medical chek, activity.

Only medical check:
One person: JPY 200,000~



DAY1|Picked up in Haneda — Go to the hotel —Sightseeing around the hotel
DAY2| Picked up to the hotel —Medical check — Back to the Hotel
DAY3|Breakfast at the Hotel —Go to Yamanashi — Join some Activities— Back to the Hotel
DAY4|Yoga on the lake or near the islands (lake shore) —Sightseeing around Lake Motosu —Go to Moss pink festival and lunch —  mountain bike (MTB) experience around the Mt.Fuji — Back to the Hotel
DAY5|Go out the Hotel —arrived to the Airport — Go to Home.