Immune system reinforcement bringing about long life

Intestinal flora reset therapy

We conduct colonic irrigation, resetting the intestinal flora to their ideal state. This improves the symptoms of constipation, obesity, hay fever, allergies, mental disorders, and arteriosclerosis. After treatment, to keep the intestinal flora in a good state, you will take supplements for about three months.

Blood vital therapy

This is a form of therapy made famous by the “Queen Mum”, the mother of Queen Elizabeth of England, for whom it is said regularly undertook blood vital therapy to prevent ageing. By inserting ozone gas into the blood, you are revitalized, and your immune system is enhanced. This promises to be effective for fatigue recovery, sensitivity to cold, disease prevention, and improving natural healing powers of the body.


Medical beauty treatment for improving skin concerns

Water light Botox beautiful skin therapy

Using hyaluronic acid and Botox, we enhance the elasticity of the skin and improve fine wrinkles, stretching, and moisturization.

Water light stem cell regeneration therapy

Using skin ORT, hyaluronic acid and various types of amino acid, we realize the youthful rejuvenation of the skin.


We achieve lift-up through the injection of hyaluronic acid.

HyperFacial beautiful skin device

Through deep peeling, we activate the epidermis and the new skin.


Through high-intensity focused ultrasound therapy, we achieve lift-up of the skin and improve slackness.

Photo RF

Therapy combining IPL(light energy) and RF(high-frequency energy). Improves wrinkles and achieves lift-up.


Prevent cancer and other lifestyle-related diseases

Cancer gene test

Draw 20cc of blood and test for cancer genes. This may take up to 4 weeks.

Lifestyle-related disease test

Tests for 60 types of lifestyle disease-related genes.

OligoScan test

Measures harmful minerals and essential minerals in the body and analyzes the bodily functions.

Immune system analysis test

Analyzes the immune cells and allows you to grasp the strength of your own immune system.

Early circulation cancer cell tests

Quantifies and analyzes the cancer cells within the body. Said to be effective in preventing occurrence of cancer.

Depending on the symptoms, we may propose other therapy.


For young-looking hair

HARC therapy

Promises hair gain benefits. 90% of people receiving HARC therapy experience hair gain.